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Capitol Hill Coffee and Pastry Foraging at Crumble & Flake and Victrola Coffee

Sometimes it’s fun to hit up more than one of your favorite places in order to create that perfect, comfy combo. I’m a big fan of double whammy-ing, although preferably when such places lie in at least somewhat the same … Continue reading

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Sharing is Caring at Skillet Diner in Capitol Hill

On many occasions I have sung my praises for going splitsies as a means of saving $$ without having to settle for lesser foods. At Skillet Diner, that is the best route to go. By no means is the signature … Continue reading

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Salmon Chowder Perfection at Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place: my personal culinary Disneyland.  Among the sea of booths, stands and storefronts beckoning hungry market-goers with smorgasbords of northwest delicacies, there are a few tokens to which I am extremely loyal.  I have already professed my love for … Continue reading

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The Best Macaroni and Cheese in New York

Best macaroni and cheese in New York?!  “Bold statement,” you may be thinking.  Bold statement, indeed.  Bold, but accurate.  I happen to be shamelessly obsessed with cheese.  One might say that cheese is the axis upon which my world spins.  … Continue reading

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Turkey, Bacon + Avocado Sandwich from Homegrown in Capitol Hill

In a food city like Seattle, finding great cuisine is never a challenge.  With such an endless stream of delicious restaurants, however, the ones that truly stand out are those that transcend mere “yumminess.”  Homegrown is one of those extraordinary restaurants. … Continue reading

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Late Night Noms at 5 Spot in Queen Anne

Queen Anne is an endless abyss of adorable, distinctive and delicious restaurants.  5 Spot embodies all three of these characteristics; located in the heart of the Queen Anne food scene, the restaurant is lauded for its everchanging menu themes.  This season’s theme, … Continue reading

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Muddy Buddy Sundae from Old School Frozen Custard in Capitol Hill

Before Old School, I had never tried frozen custard.  If you didn’t grow up with it, the name may be slightly off-putting, but rest assured this stuff is fantastic and highly addictive.  Don’t envision frozen pudding; think ice cream—but creamier, … Continue reading

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