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Sweet Treats in NYC: Oppa Peanut Butter Style

This week I had the privilege of returning to NYC for my NYU graduation ceremony.  It’s kind of bittersweet to return to the city after an extended period of time; entire streets and buildings have transformed in a matter of months, offering … Continue reading

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Sweet Deals at OatMeals in the West Village

See, this is why I love Manhattan.  Themed restaurants galore.  I would take a themed restaurant over a themed party any day; this is the kind of shenanigan that really gets me going.  When I discovered that a precious little … Continue reading

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Falafel Loving at Taïm Falafel and Smoothie Bar

After living in Israel for a few months four years ago, I nearly swore off falafel upon my return to the US. Not because I was sick of it (impossible), but because I lost hope of finding any falafel that … Continue reading

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Ballin’ It Up on a Budget at Meatball Shop

You may or may not have heard about one of the newest darlings of the Manhattan food scene, Meatball Shop.  If you haven’t, it’s about time that you do!!  And if you have, but you have yet to go, I … Continue reading

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The Best Macaroni and Cheese in New York

Best macaroni and cheese in New York?!  “Bold statement,” you may be thinking.  Bold statement, indeed.  Bold, but accurate.  I happen to be shamelessly obsessed with cheese.  One might say that cheese is the axis upon which my world spins.  … Continue reading

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Chelsea Market Munching Continued

Here we are at Round 2 of the Chelsea Market cheap meal marathon.  Having already introduced the fabulous market in my previous post, let’s just jump right in! Friedman’s Lunch.  My oasis.  This is usually where I eat lunch 90% … Continue reading

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Cheap Meals in Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is a foodie’s paradise.  In my eyes, a city is really only as good as its token food market.  Okay, there may be a few exceptions, but my favorite cities in the world also happen to have the most incredible … Continue reading

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