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The Best Macaroni and Cheese in New York

Best macaroni and cheese in New York?!  “Bold statement,” you may be thinking.  Bold statement, indeed.  Bold, but accurate.  I happen to be shamelessly obsessed with cheese.  One might say that cheese is the axis upon which my world spins.  … Continue reading

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Chelsea Market Munching Continued

Here we are at Round 2 of the Chelsea Market cheap meal marathon.  Having already introduced the fabulous market in my previous post, let’s just jump right in! Friedman’s Lunch.  My oasis.  This is usually where I eat lunch 90% … Continue reading

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Cheap Meals in Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is a foodie’s paradise.  In my eyes, a city is really only as good as its token food market.  Okay, there may be a few exceptions, but my favorite cities in the world also happen to have the most incredible … Continue reading

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Veselka Pierogies

Veselka is in the heart of the East Village.  You may have seen it on Gossip Girl or Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, or perhaps you have even been in the restaurant.  However, if you have been to Veselka and … Continue reading

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