About Me

Yours truly!

I’m Mallory Mosner.  I’m a student at New York University, self-proclaimed foodie and cat-lover.  At NYU I’m double-majoring in Communications and Anthropology.  I hope to pursue a career in marketing, and I have had several amazing internship experiences thus far in my undergraduate experience.  This past semester, I was a proud Business Development intern at Food Network! Dreams do come true.

Originally from Seattle, I was attracted to New York largely because of its food scene.  There is nothing I love more than exploring new restaurants, and New York is the perfect place for that.  My marketing internships at Bullfrog & Baum and Time Out New York in particular helped cultivate my passion and enthusiasm for the ever-changing food landscape of New York City.  During these internships, I developed an obsession for food blogs such as Eater and Serious Eats.

Catching up with my favorite food blogs is a religious experience for me; I love food porn, but I also love finding out new places to go and foods to try.  I am, however, on a student budget.  I do my best not to let my budget impede my food agenda, but this can be a difficult task.  There are not enough resources out there for people who love great food, but can’t necessarily afford lavish meals.  I live for good food, and have found that there are a plethora of places in New York City (and elsewhere!) where you can get great food without breaking the bank.  Thus, I want to impart my cheap culinary encounters unto you!


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