Muddy Buddy Sundae from Old School Frozen Custard in Capitol Hill

It has peanut butter in it, so it's healthy...

Before Old School, I had never tried frozen custard.  If you didn’t grow up with it, the name may be slightly off-putting, but rest assured this stuff is fantastic and highly addictive.  Don’t envision frozen pudding; think ice cream—but creamier, smoother, far more flavorful, and, oddly enough, less calories!

One claim to fame for Old School is their ever-changing flavor calendar.  Available each day is a “Flavor of the Day” (today is Chunky Cheesecake… omnomnom), along with classic vanilla and chocolate.  The calendar can be found here.  The custard can be served in cups or cones, or in “concretes,” otherwise known as the original “blizzard;” it goes without saying that this stuff blows Dairy Queen out of the water.  The scope of mix-ins is vast and scrumptious, and all who enter are destined to find something explosively yummy.

As I was in a particularly peanut buttery mood, I chose to go the sundae route.  Specifically, I went with the Muddy Buddy sundae—a sumptuous concoction of vanilla frozen custard topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, laid beautifully across a fresh, warm brownie, smothered in peanut butter.  This massive and delectable treat put me at only $5.50, and I would highly encourage sharing.

Old School nails this classic treat, with just the right amount of Seattle swag.  The Capitol Hill joint is located right on E Pike St, and though it is relatively new, it really does have an old school feel to it.  This is a great place for everybody—I’ve found it to be a pleasantly eclectic mix of families, hipsters, weirdos, etc.

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I'm Mallory Mosner, and I'm a Seattle native making it big in New York City. I currently attend New York University, where I double-major in Communications and Anthropology. When I'm not in class or interning, I love exploring the city. I have a passion for food, and I love trying new restaurants around the city.
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