Veselka Pierogies

Beautiful Pierogies and the Trifecta of Killer Condiments

Veselka is in the heart of the East Village.  You may have seen it on Gossip Girl or Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, or perhaps you have even been in the restaurant.  However, if you have been to Veselka and have not ordered pierogies, as far as I’m concerned, you haven’t really been to Veselka.  These Ukrainian dumplings are straight up amazing.  You can order them fried or boiled (I prefer boiled), mix and match fillings, and each order comes with three mindblowing condiments.  The possibilities of what you can do with these pierogis is awe-inspiring (I wonder how many unique combinations of pierogi goodness can be created?).  What is even more awe-inspiring is that these are incredibly filling, and very affordable.  For a lighter meal, you can get four pierogis–as pictured above, for $6.75.  It is a truly rare event that I consume a “light meal.”  Usually I go for seven pierogies for $10.50.

Veselka pierogies are seriously a fantastic deal.  Whether you want delivery, quick pick-up, or just want a fun, light atmosphere to dine in, these are a cheap, reliable, and delicious option.  Fillings include potato, cheese, meat, spinach & cheese, sauerkraut & mushroom, sweet potato, arugula & goat cheese, and various seasonal options.  I have tried all of these throughout my repeated patronage at Veselka.  I would advise sticking with the potato and cheese (but if you get the chance, try whatever else rouses your interests).  The potato is perfectly seasoned; it is bold and peppery and just the right amount of salty.  The cheese pierogies are stuffed with fresh ricotta, which is perfectly complemented by the sauteed onions.  The sides that come with the pierogies are cause for excitement.  The sauteed onions are phenomenal, and give an extra kick of flavor to the pierogies.  They give you a very generous amount of sour cream (which rocks– who really wants a “dallop” of sour cream?).  The cold, tangy sour cream is so delicious on the warm potato pierogis.  Or just plain…  I usually just devour the applesauce, but for those who like the combination of sweet and savory, you can make your pierogies into a very latke-esque occasion by smothering them in applesauce.

I cannot emphasize enough how extraordinarily delicious these pierogies are.  My obsession for them became so intense that my mom and I hunted down the Veselka pierogi recipe, and made enough potato-filled pierogies to last approximately one year.  Of the legions of pierogies we crafted, whatever we didn’t scarf down that evening was put in the freezer for later nomming.  Naturally they were gone two days later.


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I'm Mallory Mosner, and I'm a Seattle native making it big in New York City. I currently attend New York University, where I double-major in Communications and Anthropology. When I'm not in class or interning, I love exploring the city. I have a passion for food, and I love trying new restaurants around the city.
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  1. Mike Schneider says:

    AMAZING picture!

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